The Hollow Boat


Currently, I am working on a series of portraits of Brisbane-based musicians. The above image is The Hollow Boat: Portrait of Helen Franzmann (approx 100 x 140 cm).
Helen performs as ‘McKisko’. You can listen to her wonderful and haunting sounds here, or check out her Facebook page for gigs and other information.





This is a fairly quick pencil and watercolour painting I made for a friend, Amy. It is entitled Amy In Wonderland.

At approximately 30x42cm, it is a composite portrait of Amy and her two pets, Esther (cat) and Luna (rabbit). Sadly, Luna the rabbit has now passed on, and Amy is now separated from Esther while she is overseas, so it was nice to be able to put the three friends into a painting together.

Here I imagine them all under a tree in Wonderland, enjoying the dappled sunlight and a spot of Amy’s favourite tea.

The edge gradient was added to the photo – the original work is on a white background.

The Finer Things


This tiny work (approximately 8x6cm, not including the frame) is entitled The Finer Things, and was made as a gift for Peter at The Daily Massage. He has provided much support in the last year for me and has encouraged me to try to fulfill all my artistic aspirations. He also helped me figure out how to create this blog.

Go and check out his website, and maybe book in for a massage if you’re in the area. You won’t be sorry.



Here is another in my series of portraits of Brisbane musicians. This one, measuring approximately 100 x 100cm, depicts Edward Guglielmino.

Edward once told me that he sees himself more as a shaman, transmuting emotion into sound, than as a musician (I paraphrase heavily). The inspiration for this piece comes from that idea, as well as from the music itself.

You can connect with Edward and his wonderful sounds here.