Here is another in my series of portraits of Brisbane musicians. This one, measuring approximately 100 x 100cm, depicts Edward Guglielmino.

Edward once told me that he sees himself more as a shaman, transmuting emotion into sound, than as a musician (I paraphrase heavily). The inspiration for this piece comes from that idea, as well as from the music itself.

You can connect with Edward and his wonderful sounds here.




Welcome to my studio. Welcome to my page.

I am a self-taught painter and illustrator, from a music and fashion background. While recovering from a long-term, debilitating illness, I discovered that I was better at drawing and painting than I was at sewing or strumming.

A whole bunch of things on the go at any one time is the way I work. This is the place where I share some of them with you.

I hope you enjoy my artwork. I am accepting commissions for illustration and painting. I currently work in acrylic, pencil, pan pastel and watercolour.

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