Ocean Wilson is a largely self-taught artist and illustrator from Brisbane, with 5 years’ experience in painting, illustration and design.

She has most recently completed commissions in portraiture, commercial illustration and graphic acrylic painting. Ocean is very happy to discuss a customer’s preferred image and style and tailor the commissioned artwork to suit the client’s needs exactly.

Ocean’s preferred painting style has commonality with Symbolism, Realism, Romanticism (especially Pre-Raphaelites), Surrealism, Renaissance and Baroque styles, and uses acrylics on canvas to create a rich and glowing image. Occasionally she likes to loosen up with a jaunt into Fauvism or simple watercolour, pencil and pastel sketches.

Currently she is working on a series of portraits of local musicians, including Pauline Maudy (Mzaza, Daisie May), Joshua Byrd (Velociraptor), Edward Guglielmino (solo, Lost Of Love), Helen Franzmann (McKisko), Dan James, Stew Riddle and Matt Wedmaier (Drawn From Bees), Paul Bonetti (solo) and others. She is also currently working on a portrait of Wally De Backer, Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath (The Basics, Gotye), for the Archibald Prize.

She comes from a background in fashion design/production and music composition and performance. She was formerly responsible for songwriting, lead vocals, guitar, art design, promotions etc for the Brisbane band, Hot Liquid Sex, and worked for seven years for the Brisbane fashion label, Easton Pearson.

Continuing her involvement in with the local music industry, Ocean regularly designs posters for local blues musician, Jimi Beavis.

Ocean is also represented by Black Canvas Acoustics http://www.blackcanvasacoustics.com.au

Email: urchincreature@gmail.com
Commissions taken; go to https://www.etsy.com/people/oceanwilsonart


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