Month: June 2014

Breakfast With The Basics


I decided to enter the Archibald prize this year.

Here is my entry, Breakfast With The Basics (91x61cm, acrylic and coloured pencil on linen).

A few years ago, when I was playing in a pop-rock-punk three piece, we used to do gigs with these guys and, as I recall, maybe even a short tour. They were absolutely inspiring with their incredible musicianship and stagecraft, and their unbelievable resilience in the face of a grueling touring schedule. They also happen to be damn nice people to be around.

I was thrilled when they agreed to sit for me. We had a skype date while I sketched and they chatted, sipped hot drinks and nibbled breakfast, in a very informal setting. They were telling me they had just played a gig the night before with some of the greats of Australian music.

It was so nice to connect with them again, this time in a new way. In the painting, I tried to show something different about their individual personalities while maintaining a sense of their accord as a group.

Thanks, Kris, Tim and Wally. You’re just great.

You can connect with the music of The Basics here. It’s a treat for the ears, but your dancing shoes will be in for a punishment.


This painting is now for sale. Please contact with your enquiry.


This painting is no longer for sale from me, as it has gone to Victoria to live with The Basics. 😀